To begin with, I would like to explain the two-part premise behind the Artists Are Always Right journal.

First of all, it is widely believed that the right hemisphere of the human brain is the place where creativity originates. The region
where imagination reigns. Perhaps even the epicenter where the Muses plug-in. Therefore, Artists Are Always Right. It's as simple
and as complicated as that.

Artists Are Always Right
will not concern itself with the goings-on taking place in the left hemisphere of the brain where all the facts
and figures and analytical thoughts are found. While it is certainly true that artists use the left hemisphere as much as anyone
(calculating color formulas, f-stops and shutter speeds, kiln temperatures, using computers, and the like), Artists Are Always Right
will concentrate on the creative aspects of our work. No technical stuff allowed here! There's plenty of technical information out there
already in the form of books, classes and other venues.

The second part of the premise regarding the naming of this journal is this. No matter what artists create, they are always right!
No artistic result can be wrong if it is the intent of the artist. Not everyone may love it, or even like it, but it's not wrong if it's right for the
artist who created it. Unlike a meteorologist who can be wrong if their forecast proves to be incorrect, an artist owes no allegiance to
facts. Unless, that is, we consider the artistry of a documentary filmmaker conveying a factual story or some other form of art doing so.

My primary goal for this journal is to bring artists of various disciplines together in one unifying place. This roster of artistic disciplines
includes, but is not limited to (drum roll please and in random order) Photographers, Actors, Painters, Comedians, Musicians,
Potters, Architects, Sculptors, Designers, Watercolorists, Singers, Poets, Dancers, Filmmakers, Writers
and Illustrators.
I want Artists Are Always Right to be a celebration of all artists and the creative process they all navigate.

In case you're wondering, let me assure you that Artists Are Always Right is in no way intended to be a political statement! I don't
care if you're a left-wing liberal or a right-wing conservative. That sort of left or right thinking has nothing whatsoever to do with Artists
Always Right. We'll leave the hotbed political viewpoints and arguments to the politicians and the myriad of political forums
geared towards that kind of thought.

While Artists Are Always Right has evolved over time as art projects often do, the basic premise behind it has not. As publisher and
editor, I am confident that this journal will continue to serve as a meeting place...an opportunity to get together and share our common
bond. For it doesn't matter what artistic discipline we work in, we're really all the same. Each of us has something deep inside that
we want to express. That we are compelled to express!

If you agree, I hope you will join us.

                                                                                                                                    Douglas Schwartz, Publisher and Editor

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Artists Are Always Right is a bimonthly online journal for all visual, performing and literary artists. It is comprised of the
following primary pages: THE FRONT PAGE, UP FRONT, SPOTLIGHT and FEEDBACK. It is recommended that
the UP FRONT page be read first before moving on to the SPOTLIGHT. Also, please note that artwork appearing on
is not archived in the PAST ISSUES.

In order to better understand what the journal is about, we offer the following abbreviated and updated version of the
editorial written by publisher and editor, Douglas Schwartz, which appeared in the FEBRUARY 2018
. If you would like to learn more about who Douglas Schwartz is, check out the ARTIST SPOTLIGHT
in that same issue.