A "workshop in a book" by Douglas Schwartz.
You can spend thousands of dollars on camera
equipment capable of producing technically good
photographs. The Creative Nature Photography
book might very well help you to make
the best creative use of your investment.

This book is based upon actual field workshops
that Douglas has led as well as his thirty-five plus
years of professional nature photography experience.
The Creative Nature Photography Workshop
designed to encourage nature photographers to
explore their creative potential. The book features
twenty-six lessons with accompanying color
photographs. Each lesson concludes with an
assignment for the participant to complete on their
own. Included are such lesson topics as "Reality
and Illusion," "Fog," "Individuality," "Imagination,"
"Visual Words," "Inspiration and Amazement"
and "Serendipity," among others. Information is
applicable to photographers using digital or film
cameras in any format.

While some of the technical basics of the medium
are covered, the primary focus of this book, as the
title implies, is on the creative process...and Douglas
accomplishes this through his professional insight
and personal style.

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By Douglas Schwartz
156 pages
6 x 9 inches, Hardcover, $28
Although artistic disciplines and mediums of
creative expression may vary, many artists travel
along similar paths. While this common journey is
often challenging, it can be made less difficult by
learning from other artists who have experienced
it themselves.

To Be An Artist
tells the story of what it is like to
be an artist as told by an artist. As a professional
visual and literary artist for nearly forty years,
Douglas Schwartz shares his experiences by
combining autobiographical and philosophical
insights with a generous helping of humor.

If you are an aspiring artist, or know someone who
is, To Be An Artist may help to provide a better
understanding of what it is like to devote one's life
to a career as an artist.

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First Edition Published in 2022
140 pages with 26 Color Photographs
Fully updated 2021 Second Edition
  (First Edition Published in 2006)
8 x 10 inches, Hardcover, $95
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