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The FEEDBACK page is a way for readers to comment on past issues, the Artists Are Always
online journal and to provide suggestions, etc.

FEEDBACK letters should not exceed 100 words in length. Letters may only be sent in
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The January/February SPOTLIGHT was most interesting (and enlightening). As a sculptor who appreciates
my studio...especially on cold, winter days...I learned a thing or two about what nature photographers have
to contend with.

Polly M.


I recently noticed your Artists Are Always Right fifth anniversary magnet being used by someone working
at a local art association, and thought to myself...that website looks interesting. I'll have to check it out. I'm
glad I did! So much useful and inspiring information! While it will take some time to catch up on all the past
issues, I'm sure I will enjoy every minute of it!

Jake J.


Count me among those who recalled seeing the excellent image featured in the January/February 2024 SPOTLIGHT before in Artists Are Always Right. I guess I have a photographic memory of photographs...
and I'm a wood carver! Anyhow, I was intrigued with the information you shared about how you dealt with
the snow scene. Quite interesting!

Mark J.


The January/February "Inside the Image" SPOTLIGHT was very enlightening, as are all the issues of your
journal. Keep up the great work!

Della R.


While I'm not a fan of cold, winter weather, I am a fan of Artists Are Always Right and thoroughly enjoyed
the January/February SPOTLIGHT, The Visual Warmth of The Sun. I almost felt as if I was there with you
as you described how you went about creating that lovely photograph.

Maria O.


I discovered Artists Are Always Right while searching art websites online and wanted to let you know how
much I like what your journal has to offer. It's nice to how you combine all artists in one place!

David W.


This is my first (and long overdue) FEEDBACK. I look forward to and enjoy every issue of Artists Are
Always Right
. You both do a wonderful job!

Sidney M.


As someone who enjoys photographing nature during all seasons, I appreciated what you went through
while creating the Inside the Image SPOTLIGHT in the January/February issue. While my photographs are
not up to yours in terms of aesthetic quality yet, I feel that what you've shared about photography in Artists
Are Always Right
has helped me. I'm also planing on buying a copy of your book, The Creative Nature Photography Workshop.

Lacy D.


Artists Are Always Right
is one of my favorite online destinations. Always interesting and informative!
Thank you!

Helena R.


I want to start off by saying that I truly enjoy what you have to say about art and artists in your journal.
Having said that...I'm not trying to being argumentative or facetious, but do you think that artists are ever

Bryce F.

(Editor's reply: In my opinion, an artist can only be wrong if they don't follow their heart, mind and soul...
or if what they create is intended to hurt others.)