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The FEEDBACK page is a way for readers to comment on past issues, the Artists Are Always
online journal and to provide suggestions, etc.

FEEDBACK letters should not exceed 100 words in length. Letters may only be sent in
the body of an email . . . not as an attachment
. Photographs are not accepted for FEEDBACK
submissions. Contributors to FEEDBACK must be 18 years of age or older.

There is no charge or fee of any kind to submit a FEEDBACK to Artists Are Always Right and
no monetary payment will be given to the contributor for either unpublished or published

All submissions are sent upon speculation with no assurance of acceptance for publication.

Contributors will not be contacted if their submission is selected for publication. You will know it
was accepted if it appears on the FEEDBACK page. Please do not email Artists Are Always
to inquire if your submission was received or to check on the status of acceptance.
Once a submission has been sent, it cannot be retracted by the contributor.

Artists Are Always Right
reserves the right to edit all submissions for publication.

There is a limit of ten FEEDBACK letters for each issue of Artists Are Always Right

Email your submission for the FEEDBACK page to: schwartzart [at] (replace the
[at] with the @ symbol).
Please enter FEEDBACK SUBMISSION in the subject line of the email.
A talented painter friend of mine recently told me about Artists Are Always Right. I'm glad they did!
Though I've only had time to check out a few of the issues, it is my opinion that your journal is a resource
which can be appreciated by artists working in all disciplines. I'm looking forward to catching up with
the many past issues as soon as my schedule as an independent filmmaker allows.

Pete S.


Your thoughts on why certain buildings are scary in the September/October SPOTLIGHT entitled,
Architectural Fear
are very interesting. Another great issue of Artists Are Always Right.

Holly J.


I'm a fan of horror/suspense type books and movies. I'm also big into Halloween. I especially enjoyed
your SPOTLIGHT in the September/October issue. Very well presented!

Tommy P.


As a newcomer to your art journal, I want to say how much I like what I'm seeing and learning. It's all
very "enlightening."

Carly R.


While I enjoyed the September/October SPOTLIGHT, it was sad to see the scary sort of places where
some unfortunate people were locked away not so long ago. Thank you for all that you do to support
the arts through your informative journal.

Pamela E.


As an architect, I took special interest in your SPOTLIGHT on Architectural Fear in the September/October
issue. I believe you are right when you said that it's not the architecture itself which is scary, but rather
the terrible things which have taken place within certain buildings.

Vincent D.


I am frequently "enlightened" by what you present in Artists Are Always Right. The September/October
issue is such an example. I never knew that the Addams Family television house and the Bates house
in the Psycho movie were both inspired by the Edward Hopper painting entitled, The House by the

Allison L.


The SPOTLIGHT in the September/October issue was interesting...but the story about your transistor
radio in the UP FRONT was eerie to say the least!

Sally F.


I had to write and share something strange that happened to me. On the evening that I read the September/October issue of Artists Are Always Right in which you had the story about your old radio
and the reference to the Twilight Zone television episode entitled, Static, I found myself watching that
very same episode later that night. I must say that the "coincidence" gave me the chills...and I don't
scare easily!

Kurt M.

(Editor's reply: The older I get, the less I'm surprised by the unusual occurrences in life. Having said that...
your experience was definitely strange!)


As a new reader of Artists Are Always Right, I'm writing to say how much I've enjoyed what I've seen so
far. There's quite a lot of creativity contained in the pages of your journal!

Richard S.