I thoroughly enjoyed your Magic of Snow spotlight in the November/December issue!

Ally M.

The Magic of Snow spotlight was excellent! I've never been a cold weather and snow person, but I very much
appreciate the artistry of those, like yourself, who dare to venture outside to explore it.

Scott B.

I believe that artists need to make people think. That's what makes them so special. After looking at your
photographs in the Magic of Snow feature and reading your words, I know you are one of them.

Jennifer O.

(Editor's reply: Thank you.)

I'm a stand-up comedian (not famous...yet). Just want to say that I appreciate your humor in your Up Front
editorials. How can I be featured in the Spotlight?

Kevin M.

(Editor's reply: If you have any performance videos that we can link to, include these links in a story about
yourself. Include a few jokes or funny stories depending on your style of humor. Complete guidelines are on
the SUBMISSIONS page.)

I wish you would include some literary artists in your journal.

Evan J.

(Editor's reply: I fully intend to. Special features in the SPOTLIGHT showcasing literary artists from the past
are being planned. Guest literary artists are invited to submit their work as well. Check out the SUBMISSIONS
page for details.)
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