The LAST CALL column will give me the opportunity to share my closing thoughts on the current issue as well as touch upon the
upcoming one as well. I may also include one of my written observations about artists which, in fact, I will do so right now.

"Being an artist is not knowing what you're doing until you're done doing it."
(observation #27 on the schwartzshirts.com website)

The reason I selected that particular observation for the premiere issue of LAST CALL is because of the following.

I know some nature photographers who plan and calculate with utmost determination to be at a particular location at an exact date
and time with pre-conceived weather conditions in mind in order to create a photograph. They see doing this as an artistic challenge.

I, on the other hand, prefer the spontaneity of happenstance. I would much rather allow the muse to guide me to a specific place at a
certain time. I suppose whatever works for an artist is good as long as it works, but give me a trail that I didn't plan on hiking and let
it surprise me with things that I didn't even know were there. For me, that's usually when the magic happens!

This is how I see the future of Artists Are Always Right as well. I look forward to seeing it grow and present it's own magic.

Since the premiere issue of the ARTIST SPOTLIGHT feature was about yours truly, I don't feel it's proper to comment on it as I will
in upcoming issues, except to say that I think it was one of the best things ever written. But seriously, I did enjoy sharing some of my
thoughts with you. Ones that only fellow artists can relate to.

I am eagerly looking forward to reading your submissions and featuring other artist's stories in the ARTIST SPOTLIGHT. Hope to
hear from you soon!

Well, that's all for now from Artists Are Always Right. Until we connect again...keep on creating!

                                                                                                                                           Douglas Schwartz, Publisher and Editor

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