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By the way, I want it to be known that while it was I who came up with the concept behind the double entendre name of this journal,
it is Karen who created the all-important illustration in the journal's banner which highlights the right hemisphere of the human brain,
as well as designed the overall look and feel of the Artists Are Always Right website. This artistic collaboration between Karen and
I regarding this journal is yet another example of our creative teamwork. In other words, I couldn't have done it without her!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank every one who has taken the time to stop by and read what I have to say. Some of you
have been with us from the beginning. Others have joined us only recently. Judging by the many FEEDBACK comments we've
received and our growing list of subscribers, you apparently like what we have to share. It goes without saying that without you,
putting this journal together would be rather meaningless.

As I look back over the past five years, I can clearly see how Artists Are Always Right has evolved into the journal it has become.
It has always felt to me as if Artists Are Always Right was in charge of the direction it wanted to go...not us...which is usually the
case for artistic endeavors. 

During these years, Karen and I have had to deal with numerous challenges in putting this journal together...which is always the
case for artistic endeavors...all the while working on other creative projects of our own. Currently, these projects include my
forthcoming second Schwartz Shirts book, a novel (which is nearing completion), and several books of our nature photography in
development. Considering all of these projects which demand a great amount of our time, would we do Artists Are Always Right
all over again? Of course we would!

Little could we have foreseen as we published the premiere issue of Artists Are Always Right back in February of 2018, that we,
along with everyone else in the world, would soon watch a horrific pandemic from China spread around the globe causing death,
pain and suffering. Add to this catastrophic event, a cast of demons throughout the world whose goal for the human race appears to
be Orwellian-style fear and control which ultimately would result in an end to the enlightenment of the human spirit. Taking all of this
into account, the trials and tribulations of being an artist doesn't seem all that bad. In fact, realizing just how much evil there is in the
world today only fuels my creative ambitions!

Enough about demons and such...for now. The purpose of this issue is about celebrating our fifth anniversary! With this in mind, I am
pleased to announce this issue's very special SPOTLIGHT entitled, The Fifth Anniversary of Artists Are Always Right...A Look Back.
Featuring a jam-packed sampling from the past five years, it is easily apparent in this retrospective that Artists Are Always Right has
showcased quite a lot! Enjoy!

In celebration of our fifth anniversary, I am also pleased to announce the following. While few things in life (besides butterflies) are
free, you can get a free limited-edition, Artists Are Always Right fifth anniversary commemorative, refrigerator-type magnet (what a
mouthful!) by simply sending us an email. Here's how to get one for yourself.
I hope you are all doing well as we enter a brand new year full of promise!

Welcome to the fifth anniversary issue of Artists Are Always Right. Put on your party hat, if you
have one. It's time to celebrate!

I suppose it would be rather trite for me to say something like...I can't believe it's been five years
since we started this journal
. The funny thing is, it's true! As I've said before, time flies when you're
being creative!

A journal such as Artists Are Always Right requires a significant amount of time and effort to put
together on an ongoing basis. While it is primarily my words which fill the pages, Artists Are Always
would not be possible without the creative talent of my wife and fellow artist, Karen. It is she
who designs the layout of each issue and she who gives this journal its professional appearance.
To her, I say...thank you very much for all you've done over the past five years!
While we're on the subject of magnets, it is a scientific fact that magnetism not only keeps the entire universe together, but our bodies
as well. Therefore, without magnetism, artists and their art would not exist. How appropriate then is our fifth anniversary commemorative
magnet! As a child of the 60s, I feel compelled to ask...can you dig it?

Now before you head on over to the SPOTLIGHT, I have a few changes to Artists Are Always Right to share with you.

In an effort to make Artists Are Always Right even easier to navigate, information on how to submit a FEEDBACK has been moved to
the bottom of the FEEDBACK page. Also, beginning with this fifth anniversary issue, the number of FEEDBACK emails per issue is
limited to ten. This decision was made in an effort to make the FEEDBACK page a bit more manageable from a production standpoint.

We've added the title of the SPOTLIGHT in each issue to the PAST ISSUES page for easier identification. Also, the title caption
beneath each image in this anniversary SPOTLIGHT corresponds to this on the PAST ISSUES page as well.

Lastly, it has come to our attention that the notification email which is sent out to subscribers when a new issue is available occasionally
ends up in their spam or junk folder instead of their inbox. Therefore, be sure to check your spam or junk folder and/or add the Artists
Are Always Right
email notification address to your address book so that you don't miss receiving them.

In closing...I want to thank everyone again for stopping by over the past five years to read (and see) what I have to say about artists and
their work. It means a lot to me. You can bet that I'll have a lot more to say in the coming issues!

Here's to the next five years!

Until we connect again...

                                                                                                                                 Douglas Schwartz, Publisher and Editor
The Artists Are Always Right Fifth Anniversary Magnet
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Magnet Request

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