I hope you are all doing well.

The SPOTLIGHT in the May/June issue was about as lighthearted as could possibly be.
After all, what's more fun than cartoons? Cartoons make the viewer laugh and forget
their troubles. How great is that?!

I will be changing topics considerably in this issue by presenting what is undoubtedly
my most serious SPOTLIGHT in Artists Are Always Right thus far. Did I get your
attention? Good!

While I am someone who likes to laugh as often as possible (many of my Schwartz Shirts
observations clearly illustrate this fact), this humorous character trait doesn't mean that I
am one who sticks their head in the sand like an Ostrich and ignores what's going on
(many of my Schwartz Shirts observations clearly illustrate this fact as well).
The world is a very serious place and there are a bunch of very serious things going on around us at this moment in time.
While my intention in this issue's SPOTLIGHT is not to serve as a Mr. Doom and Gloom, I honestly believe that I would be
remiss as an artist, and the creator of this journal, not to convey what I'm thinking. After all...that's what artists do! Because
of the seriousness of the subject matter, I decided to title this issue's SPOTLIGHT...It's Time To Get Serious! Some
decisions in life are rather obvious. 

While I don't expect anyone to "enjoy" or necessarily agree with what I've written, I do hope that the SPOTLIGHT provides
some things to consider...and perhaps serve as a wake-up call to artists who are asleep. I'll leave it at that.

My choice for the ON THE FRONT PAGE image is a familiar portrait of a location for anyone living there. While the image
was included in a past issue of Artists Are Always Right, it seemed very fitting to feature it in this issue. A repeat
performance par excellence!

I want to personally thank everyone who contributed their comments for this issue's FEEDBACK page. I truly enjoy and
value what you all have to say! And, to everyone else...let's hear from you! After all...I see this journal as more of a dialogue
rather than just a monologue.

Lastly...if everything goes as planned (and Murphy's Law doesn't interfere), I will be making a big publishing announcement
in an upcoming issue of Artists Are Always Right. Regular readers probably know what I'm talking about.

For now, I will close this UP FRONT with observation number 1140 from the SchwartzShirts.com website.

"Being an artist is not easy...but then nothing important ever is."

Unit we connect again…

                                                                                                                        Douglas Schwartz, Publisher and Editor
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