I hope you are all doing well.

Using as few words as possible, I will begin this UP FRONT by saying that this issue of Artists Are
Always Right
is devoted to the written word. The SPOTLIGHT features Classic Lines in Cinema...
illustrates the importance of freedom and truth...readers of Artists Are
Always Right
share their comments on the FEEDBACK page...and, I'm delighted to tell you that
work on my second Schwartz Shirts book as well as my first novel is progressing nicely.

I purposely covered all that information in just a minimal amount of words to illustrate the fact that
writers have the power to say a lot without running on and on. A single word, or just a few, can say a
great deal and have lasting impact. This is the true purpose behind this issue's SPOTLIGHT.
While many of the classic lines in cinema which I present were written many decades ago, what
they have to say is still as funny or seriously relevant today. That is true as well for the words in the
feature. Some things are timeless.
A reader commented in last issue's FEEDBACK that my book, The Creative Nature Photography Workshop, covered more than the
physical workshops they had participated in. I feel that I should point out that the workshops I've led in the past didn't cover as much
as I did in my book either. In my opinion, to do so would have been impossible.

While I always attempted to impart as much information as I could to the participants in the physical workshops, a book such as
The Creative Nature Photography Workshop
allows me to share so much more. That's simply the way it is. Yet another example of
the power of writing. I just wanted to address this topic as well as thank everyone who has contacted me to say how much my book
has helped them in their nature photography pursuits.

I revealed in the last UP FRONT that my birthday was coming up in June. Unfortunately, this unavoidable fact of life turned out to be
true! I suppose it is only natural to have an occasion such as a birthday stir up memories from the past. Which brings me to another
of writer (pun intended).

As someone who appreciates music, I've find myself going back in time, nostalgically speaking, to listen to some of the great music
that I've enjoyed throughout the years. While doing so can be fun, it can also evoke feelings of sadness.

Thinking back to a much earlier time in my life when I first heard this song or that song can be a difficult pill to swallow. That's because
music composers and lyricists are writers, and, like all writers, have the power to affect human emotion. In spite of the fact that
listening to songs from the past can bring about a sense of nostalgic funk, I greatly value those memories all the same, and thank
every songwriter who contributed to the musical tapestry of my life.

With that in mind, and in keeping with the words in the ON THE FRONT PAGE feature, I am reminded of the classic song, Me and
Bobby McGee
, in which Janis Joplin sang, "Freedom is just another word for nothin' left to lose..." As I wrote earlier in this
FRONT, some things are timeless.

Until we connect again...

                                                                                                                                        Douglas Schwartz, Publisher and Editor

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