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I was watching an old MGM musical the other night…one that I've seen many times before. It was created more than seventy years
ago. The title of the film is not important. What is important and what struck me is that nearly everyone in that movie is no longer here.

Each one of them came into the world like the rest of us. They learned to walk and talk, went to school and grew up. Each one also
discovered at some point in their life that they had an artistic dream. They pursued that dream and, against the odds, they achieved
it. That motion picture showed them at their best…singing and dancing and acting their hearts out. They all did a wonderful job and
were a joy to watch.

I personally believe that the departed ones are now performing somewhere else…a place so much nicer than MGM or Hollywood
could ever put on film. The spotlight still shines on them and audiences are still being entertained. After all, they had much more to give
than the short time here could afford them. In my opinion, you can't stop an artist from showing their stuff no matter what! But I digress.

Unless you are living in a utopia that I'm not aware of, this world is full of pain! Life is difficult, to put it mildly! People need an escape
and a means to relax! That's where artists come in.

In spite of the fact that most true artists are at the bottom of the totem pole, insofar as this monetary world is structured, artists
somehow manage to lift everyone else up. Whether it's an inspiring photograph, a funny joke, a beautiful song, or an arrangement of
flowers…artists are the remedy for boredom, the alternative to ugliness and the answer to the cry for something better. Something
nicer. Something more fun! The creative achievements of artists are all this and more, regardless of whether the public ever
consciously acknowledges the creators or not.
All artists, regardless of their discipline, come here to put on a show. To do a little dance. Sing a song or two. Paint a scene.
Design something different. Strike an emotional cord or two. If an artist can add some sparkle and shine, make people laugh or think,
and generally add something positive to the otherwise tapestry of crap that humans go through…well…that's quite an accomplishment,

A long time ago, relatively speaking, a group of performing artists collaborated with other literary, musical and visual artists to create
the now classic film that I watched the other night. In doing so, they gave me enjoyment all these many years later and inspired me to
write this editorial. In other words, they are still touching people's souls! Their creative energy and dedication should serve as an
example to all artists.

And so, I would personally like to extend a belated thank you to each and every one of them….the writers, actors, singers and dancers,
as well as the entire crew of creative filmmakers! Congratulations to all of you on a job well done! 

                                                                                                                                            Douglas Schwartz, Publisher and Editor

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