If you can create a painting which portrays the plight of the world at this decisive moment in it! If you can write a story, poem
or it! If you can create a photograph, sculpture or motion it! Whatever your artistic talent is...use it! The times
we are living in are difficult to say the least. In the tradition of the protest songs and other forms of art of the 1960s, artists have the
creative power to do something incredibly positive today!

In closing, I have a bit of personal news to share with you. My birthday is once again paying me a visit in June. While I'm not exactly
thrilled with the idea of turning another year older, I accept it as a fact of life. In keeping with my words of encouragement above,
the one thing I want for my birthday is for some sort of positive normalcy to return to this world. A normalcy in which good people
and the power of creativity are not overshadowed by wars, rumors of wars, disease, and a global economic crisis.

I know that's a big wish to hope for considering how the evil ones are doing their evil best to cause pain, destruction and death.
Still, when I blow out the candles on my birthday cake, this is what I'll be wishing for. That, and hoping all those candles don't start
a damn fire!

Until we connect again...

                                                                                                                         Douglas Schwartz, Publisher and Editor
I hope you are all doing well.

We've received numerous emails regarding the SPOTLIGHT in the March/April issue entitled,
Memories of John Denver and Dale
. I apparently touched a nerve in that feature which many people
can relate to. Some of your kind words are featured in this issue's FEEDBACK.

features a family of comedic artists who provided many laughs in the past.
Something we could all use right now! I'm curious as to what they were listening to. Maybe it was just
a smoke screen!

This issue's SPOTLIGHT features another Inside The Image with a serious, philosophical twist.
I wrote it because I believe we are standing at a monumental point in human history, with good and
evil both poised to become the winner. As artists, we can play an important part in the outcome by
doing what we do best.
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