I've also been pondering the future for artists as we approach another year...and for this journal as well. Many people these days
seem to be so tranquilized by smart technology, I wonder whether or not they are willing to take the time to utilize their own smart
capabilities to read anything longer than a text message. It takes a significant amount of time for Karen and I to put this journal
together on an ongoing basis. Are most people these days willing to put in the effort to appreciate our efforts?

Because of the much appreciated comments from our readers, including the latest ones featured on this issue's FEEDBACK
page, I ultimately came to the conclusion that I will do what I know to be right. Artists Are Always Right will continue on in 2022
and beyond! As the lifelong dedicated artist that I am, I can see no other way!

In 2021 comes to an end and we enter the joyous season of the holidays, let us all look forward to 2022 with the hope
that things will get better soon and that evil will be extinguished from the world at last! The time has come for all good people to
join together, with artists leading the way, as a song of peace in our hearts brings us safely across our bridge of troubled waters.

May creativity and positive change be with us all.

Until we connect again...

                                                                                                                                   Douglas Schwartz, Publisher and Editor
I hope you are all doing well.

The SPOTLIGHT in this issue of Artists Are Always Right is not the one which was planned.
When you read it, you'll know why.

Since this is the last issue of Artists Are Always Right for 2021, I began to think about where
humanity stands as the twenty-first year of the twenty-first century comes to a close. The way I
see it, things could be a hell-of-a-lot better! We certainly don't appear to be living in the exciting
world of the future I recall foretold back in the twentieth century.

We're not driving flying cars as portrayed in The Jetsons and, on a much more serious note,
greed is more rampant than it has ever been and, because of that, the world appears to be far
from attaining global peace any time soon.
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