While the subject matter of the July/August SPOTLIGHT may have been sobering or even upsetting to some, there
is a medicinal cure which I highly recommend that doesn't require a prescription or a trip to the drug store. It also isn't
advertised on television for only $19.99 (get a second one for "free"...just pay a separate fee). In fact, it doesn't come
packaged in a bottle, tube or blister pack. What could this "wonder cure" be?

It's very simple. As we all confront this monumental time in human history which we find ourselves in, it can be both
comforting and rejuvenating to turn our attention to something of far greater importance than the twenty-four-hour
news cycle. I am referring to the incredible world of nature. That is why I have devoted this issue's SPOTLIGHT to...
The Tonic of Wildness
. I hope it serves as a reminder of what we should never forget! In keeping with this natural
theme, ON THE FRONT PAGE features a classic work of poetry.

We've had many people contact us recently with their good wishes and positive thoughts. It is very nice to know
that Artists Are Always Right is so well regarded! While we can't include all of your comments, we present several
of them on the FEEDBACK page.

I will close with observation number 495 from the website.

"I wonder if trees dream." 

Until we connect again...

                                                                                                               Douglas Schwartz, Publisher and Editor

I hope you are all doing well.

Extremely busy describes the work schedule for Karen and I as of late. Several
current art projects fill our days. A very special one will be featured in the next issue
of Artists Are Always Right if everything goes as planned. As artists, we simply will
not allow the evil ones in the world to prevent our creativity from flourishing!

I forgot to include one particular artist in the July/August SPOTLIGHT who waved
one of the biggest warning flags of all time! I am referring to writer, George Orwell
who created his "fictional" account of a world gone mad in his classic book, 1984.
If you've never read it, I suggest that you do... especially considering how prophetic
as well as topical it is today. My apologies to Mr. Orwell for my omission.
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