Your coverage of the spirituality concept was wonderful! I don't see how it is possible to be an artist without first giving
thought to all of the things that you addressed. Thank you!

Gary M.

I may be a late-comer to your favorite movie list, but what about "It's a Wonderful Life"? I believe this movie belongs on
every top-ten list. What do you say?

Carol J.

(Editor's reply:  I agree. That's why I don't like top-ten lists. They can't include every great film which, of course, would
certainly include your nominee. Any other suggestions out there?)

Your photographs of Acadia National Park took me back to a time that I spent there as a youth. I was 14. Even though I
didn't realize it at that time, my "spiritual" experience there still haunts me to this day…in a good way. Acadia was a
fantastic place. I'm sure it still is.

Roger K.

As a painter, I would like to see the work of painters featured on Artists Are Always Right.

Jim B.

(Editor's reply: So would I. Unfortunately, the work of truly talented painters has yet to reach my desk. If there are any
painters out there who would like to have their work published on Artists Are Always Right, I welcome your

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