The big announcement for this issue is that we are changing Artists Are Always Right from
a monthly journal to one that is published every other month. This change will take place with
the July-August issue. The reason for this decision is simple.

We have not received any submissions thus far from guest artists that meet our guidelines
as detailed on the SUBMISSIONS page. Until we do, I will continue to offer my experiences
as an artist in upcoming SPOTLIGHT features. While I would prefer to showcase other artists,
I must say that I thoroughly enjoy this opportunity! I have a lot to share as an artist, having
been one for a long time! Sharing my experiences in the SPOTLIGHT, however, requires
additional effort on my part.
To put it simply, I do not have the time to write both the UP FRONT editorial as well as create the SPOTLIGHT feature for
Artists Are Always Right
every month. Changing the Artists Are Always Right journal to a bi-monthly publication will take some
of the pressure off of me while still allowing me to give it my all. There are only so many hours in a day. I am a working artist,
after all. 

I have several art projects in development that require much of my time. These include upcoming books, a film, as well as a
new website that Karen and I are creating that will celebrate the natural beauty and wonders of our home state of Delaware
(more on this in the next issue of Artists Are Always Right). To say that I'm as busy as the only waiter in a thousand-seat
restaurant would be an understatement!

Anyhow, this issue's SPOTLIGHT features a beautiful location…namely, the Greenbrier River in Watoga State Park, West
…and a memorable experience for me while visiting there. I hope you enjoy it. 

I will close this UP FRONT with observation number 604 from the SchwartzShirts.com website. While not "art" oriented
specifically, it applies to artists as well as every human being on this planet.

"Anyone can destroy. It takes an enlightened person to create." 

Until we connect again…

                                                                                                                             Douglas Schwartz, Publisher and Editor


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