As someone who has followed Artists Are Always Right for a while and who enjoys the
Schwartz Shirts observations on the journal and on the website,
I was glad to learn that there is now a Schwartz Shirts book!

John J.

I was one of your first FEEDBACK contributors (September/October 2018 issue).
Thought I would write again to say how much I'm still enjoying Artists Are Always Right.
I've told a couple of friends about your journal. One is a writer and the other is a
photographer. Keep up the good work!

Julie J.

(Editor's reply: I appreciate the referrals. Word of mouth is always the best advertising.
Thanks for writing again.)

I laughed at your suggestion in the September/October issue to watch a scary movie
alone in the dark, but I took up the challenge. I watched The Haunting (1963) which was
on television recently. I didn't laugh for long! I was like a little kid again!

Denise I.

I screamed with delight when I saw your September/October SPOTLIGHT! "The Scream"
is one of my favorite paintings. I have a print of it in my home. It receives a lot of comments
from visitors.

Helen R.

I enjoyed your July/August SPOTLIGHT on Eliot Porter. I wish you would share more of
your memories studying with him. Is that possible?

Robbie M.

(Editor's reply: It's possible. Stay tuned.)
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