While snow is obviously cold, the warming radiance of the sun in an artistic representation of nature is a
calming invitation to the viewer because it is warming to the soul. Life-giving and full of promise, the
brilliance of the sun can bring tears to our eyes and, at the same time, provide a sense of peace as well.

Peace is, or should be, the ultimate objective in this life. Some may say it is love, but if you think about it,
love is the expression of peace towards others. They are one in the same. Peace is what most religions
promise. Peace is what most nations want. Peace is what we all strive to attain in our lives. Peace is that
very special glimmer of hope within each and every one of us and which seems to magically burn ever-so-
brightly at this time of year.

And so, I will close this last SPOTLIGHT for 2019 with this wish for all artists who strive to find peace and
share their discoveries with others. It is a wish that is also extended to each and every living soul throughout
the world, which includes all species of life. May we all, at long last, find peace on Earth in the coming year!
Peace on Earth is a sentiment often expressed during the holidays, particularly on greeting cards. But one look
at the news of today's world clearly shows how far off we are as a species from actually achieving such a peace.
Where then can we turn to find it? How about art.
Artists have often exemplified the eternal hope for peace on Earth through their creative ideals. Artists, after all,
are dreamers of the highest level, placed for a time in a world that is frequently uncaring and far too often violent.
John Lennon expressed his desire for peace on Earth in his songs, Give Peace a Chance and Imagine.
The powerful simplicity of Pablo Picasso's, Dove of Peace, along with many of Thomas Kinkade's paintings
evoke a longing for peace as well. Countless other writers, painters, filmmakers and performing artists
throughout history have done likewise.
And then there is half of Leo Tolstoy's classic book, War and Peace. I purposely included my little attempt at
humor for a very important reason. When people are laughing, they tend not to be killing one-another. With this in
mind, the world could sure use a lot more comedic performers and comedy writers, and the laughter they provide!
I chose the photograph which accompanies this SPOTLIGHT for several reasons. First of all, it is an image of
snow which is appropriate for this time of year (providing you live in the Northern Hemisphere of the planet in a
region that gets snow). Second, it is one of my most popular images, so I guess I did something right (a lesson
for all visual artists). Lastly, and perhaps most importantly for a SPOTLIGHT entitled, Peace on Earth, the
photograph incorporates the sun as a very important element of the composition.
Photography and Text By Douglas Schwartz
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All artwork featured in this SPOTLIGHT, whether written or visual, © copyright the respective artists. All rights reserved.
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