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I usually don't say very much in the UP FRONT about artwork appearing on THE FRONT PAGE. For this particular issue, I will
make an exception because of the following.

In the process of considering many different possibilities, I came across a painting of a World War I battlefield scene which was
appropriate for an issue with war films in the SPOTLIGHT. What really set this particular painting apart from anything else I had
seen, however, was the fact that the artist created it in 1917...which happens to be the title of the featured film! As someone who
tends to look beyond the notion of mere coincidences in life, I must admit that goosebumps appeared on my skin upon seeing it!
The Muses never cease to amaze me!

We received many comments regarding the May/June SPOTLIGHT entitled, The Power of Music...some of which are featured
on the FEEDBACK page. I found it interesting that several readers who wrote to say how much they enjoy the music from the
1960s, weren't even born until many years later! Which just goes to show that great music not only has the power to unite people,
but transcend generations as well!

Until we connect again...

                                                                                                                                 Douglas Schwartz, Publisher and Editor
I hope you are all doing well.

It is a fact of this life that wars are horrendous events which have resulted in widespread death,
injury and destruction. Because of the severe impact on humanity in the past, or future potential
for such, filmmakers have expressed their creativity regarding the subject many times throughout
the history of cinema. In certain instances, I would add, quite superbly!

Which brings me to the SPOTLIGHT in this issue of Artists Are Always Right entitled, The Art of
War Films
. For readers who see this title as being a conflict in itself, I want it to be understood
that I am in no way referring to war as an art, but rather to films about war...specifically the ones
which I consider to be the best of the genre. While I won't say that I hope you enjoy this
, I do trust that it gives you pause for thought.