I hope you are all doing well.

Karen and I have been very busy sending out hundreds of commemorative Artists Are Always
fifth anniversary magnets over the last four months. Unfortunately...or, fortunately,
depending upon how you look at it...our supply of these magnets has been exhausted due to
high demand. As a result, we are unable to fulfill any further magnet requests from this point on.
I hope that everyone who managed to snag one up is receiving as much enjoyment from their
magnet as a magnet can provide!

Regarding the fifth anniversary of Artists Are Always Right, I am pleased to say that we are still
receiving compliments for our special January/February 2023 anniversary issue. Thank you one
and all! A few of these are included along with other comments from our readers on the
If you enjoy music like I do, some important changes occurred in the 1960s which not only made their mark in music history, but
to history itself. This issue's SPOTLIGHT entitled, The Power of Music, features a personal look back in time to this unique
musical decade when a significant number of now-classic songs, by some extremely talented artists, were introduced to the world.

In keeping with the topic of music...I was watching flash mob videos of musicians and singers on YouTube again recently. Seeing
the look of happiness on the people's faces in the spontaneous audiences who were present reaffirmed my sincere belief that
music, and all positive art for that matter, not only has the power to bring joy into the world, but save it as well! If you haven't seen
videos like this, I suggest you check them out. on my second Schwartz Shirts book, first novel, and several nature photography books which I've mentioned
previously, have all been delayed slightly due to numerous other demands on our time. To everyone who has emailed us or is
otherwise interested, please know that Karen and I are working to complete these projects just as soon as artistically possible.
I'll keep you all updated in future issues of Artists Are Always Right.

Until we connect again…

                                                                                                                                 Douglas Schwartz, Publisher and Editor
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