Having said that, the SPOTLIGHT in this issue goes far beyond monsters such as Frankenstein, Dracula or The Wolfman. Instead,
Death in Art
showcases the many ways in which artists have explored the subject of death through the years in paintings, literature,
music and films. In my opinion, these creative accomplishments are more philosophically enlightening, instead of just scary.

Scary, however, would most definitely describe the horrific depiction of death highlighted in the ON THE FRONT PAGE feature. It's
definitely not what you could call a fun day at the park! As a reminder to all of our readers, artwork appearing in the ON THE FRONT
feature is not archived in the PAST ISSUES, so be sure to subscribe to Artists Are Always Right so that you don't miss it!

In keeping with the theme of this issue, I will be sharing much more regarding my own philosophical views of death and other serious
stuff (along with an abundance of humor as well) in my second Schwartz Shirts book which will be published soon. Like my first
Schwartz Shirts book, this one is also intended for mature readers only. In other words, the subject matter is what you might expect
to find in a nightclub. Therefore, I will only be announcing this book (without going into any great detail) in the UP FRONT of Artists
Are Always Right
when it becomes available for those who are interested.

After the July/August issue of Artists Are Always Right was published, I remembered two other classic lines in cinema which I wish
I had included in that issue's SPOTLIGHT. The first one is, "You're safe, you old poop..." The second one is, "You're a doodle, Mama."
Can you guess which films these lines are in? (Here are the answers: The first one is from On Golden Pond. The second one is from
Driving Miss Daisy

I want to thank everyone who contributed to the FEEDBACK page in this issue. Your comments are very much appreciated! If you
haven't contributed any comments yet, we encourage you to do so!

Finally, I am extremely pleased to announce that Karen's new line of Evergreen Keepsakes are now available. An example of the
Animal Friends Keepsake is shown below. Other keepsakes in the line include: Wedding, Anniversary and Child. You can see them
all by visiting

Until we connect again...

                                                                                                                                    Douglas Schwartz, Publisher and Editor

I hope you are all doing well.

Depending upon your perspective, the SPOTLIGHT in this issue of Artists Are Always Right may
be the most important one ever. It is entitled (cue the spooky organ music), Death in Art. Please note
that I didn't say Death of Art. I'm happy to report that art, in general, is very much alive and well.
Though, I might add, artists (along with everyone else) are at a point in human history in which the
positive influences of art are not only something to be appreciated, but essential as well (as far as
I'm concerned) if humanity is to survive. But I digress.

The timing of this issue's SPOTLIGHT was planned to coincide with Halloween which, as any lover
of chocolate can tell you, makes its yearly ghoulish arrival in October. While Halloween was originally
intended to be a time to remember the dead, modern Halloween celebrations lean more towards
scary monsters and candy treats. Death, however, still remains the primary theme because scary
monsters often kill! That's what they do best!
The Animal Friends Keepsake
Photo of cat © Kokoulina/Shutterstock
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